About the project

Main goal

Increasing the availability and usability of oceanographic data. 


Both public institutions and commercial enterprises feel the need to use reliable data on the environment in which they implement their activities. The eCUDO project aims to launch the potential of oceanographic data that are collected during monitoring and scientific research carried out by project partners. The results of these observations are cataloged in a transparent and publicly accessible database. Integrating and centralizing this data will replace the current system requiring from customers searching separate IT systems or order personalized expert analyzes.

Specific objectives

Increasing the range of digitally available digitized oceanology science resources.

Increasing the quality of digitally available digitized oceanology science resources.

Ensuring the possibility of using a variety of digital ways to share digitized oceanology science resources.

Increasing the possibility of re-using digitally available digitized oceanology science resources.

Ensuring interoperability and open access to digitally shared digitized oceanology science resources.

Increased competence of people involved in both digital sharing and re-use of oceanology science resources.

Implementation of the key objectives leads to long-term benefits:

  • building a Polish knowledge-based economy,
  • building information society in Poland,
  • exploitation of the Baltic Sea while maintaining its simultaneous protection,
  • efficient management of Baltic resources,
  • effective fulfillment of obligations regarding Baltic monitoring,
  • enabling the preparation of a number of projects, including R+D, without the need to purchase data from the Baltic Sea, which will allow to focus on ideas for their innovative use for Polish science, economy and society,
  • development of the economy, competitiveness, labor market and innovation, enabled by quick access to information, allowing for the implementation of various types of activities and investments in the coastal zone and in maritime areas,

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