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Pomeranian University in Słupsk

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The Pomeranian Academy in Słupsk was established in 1969 as the Teachers' College, as part of a government initiative to create a number of similar entities aimed at educating secondary and primary school teachers. In 1974 it transformed into the Higher Pedagogical School, and in 2000 it changed into the Pomeranian Pedagogical Academy. Along with the name changes, there were significant changes in the organization of the school - initially specializing in the training of teaching staff, over time it opened new departments and research units. The current name was adopted in 2006 and reflects the comprehensive form of this university.

Teaching and research activities are conducted by five faculties:

  1. Faculty of Philology and History;
  2. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences;
  3. Faculty of Social Sciences;
  4. Faculty of Health Sciences;
  5. Faculty of Management and Security Sciences;


In addition, the Academy includes a number of general department units, such as the University Library, the Scientific Publisher, the University Archives, the Study of Practical Foreign Language Learning and the Study of Physical Education and Sport.

The Pomeranian Academy in Słupsk operates primarily in the education and research sector. Currently, about 3,000 students study in school and a number of research and grant programs are carried out. The training and research offer includes, among others: courses, workshops, artistic performances, specialized expertise, research and opinions of specialists in the field of biological sciences (including environmental protection), mathematical and statistical, geographical, physical, medical, after science sociological and pedagogical, historical as well as cultural and philological studies.

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